Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Such a typical title for this first post of 2012 but also apropos.  The holiday season was so crazy.  We had several parties and celebrations to go to.  I celebrated a birthday (I say I "celebrated" but really I just let it happen.  I am too far gone to truly celebrate getting older!).  We also crammed several family activities with our girls in, like 2 Auburn basketball games with friends and a mini vacay to visit some friends who recently moved.  

Oh, and check out the super cute short haircuts on my girls!  Over their holidays, they both wanted more manageable hair.  They are cursed with the same hair I had when I was younger, which means they have stringy, tangly hair.  Now maybe they can have an easier time!  Plus they look adorable, of course!

Now on to the new year stuff.  I usually make half-hearted resolutions because I don't think they work. People just get excited for a month or two then fizzle out.  This is so evident at the gym.  I hate going to the gym in January.  Everyone who has resolved to lose weight or get healthier shows up in January and hogs all the treadmills.  Then, when February comes, you rarely see them again.  So frustrating to regulars!  

I have my usual stuff to plan for this year like being a better person, working out more, becoming healthier, losing weight, spending more time with my family, etc., but I hate to call them resolutions.  These are things I try to fix all the time.  Sometimes I do better than others, but it is a daily battle.  I think that is part of living your life.  I plan to run another big race this year, like another marathon, but need to find a location that is somewhat close but still has a great medal and active city.  Mike has suggested maybe just a race where the main distance is a half.  Maybe we should do a race that has obstacles or just a crazy theme?  I guess time will tell!  No matter what we choose to do, I am ready to start some training.  :) 


  1. Pictures with Aubie are the best! Looks like a fun night for all of you guys.

    1. We always have a great time in Auburn of course!