Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another year older

Yesterday day was my birthday.  Since I have hit all the cool milestone birthdays (being able to drive, vote, and buy alcohol), I don't really get excited for them anymore.  I would rather just avoid them as I am not one of these crazy people who will age gracefully.  I really enjoy my children's birthdays so it is nothing against birthday....just getting old.  Anyway, my husband and girls have been known to ride their bikes all over the neighborhood and have so much fun.  I recently went with them on one of their journeys and had a great time.  I do not own a bike but we have an extra that was gotten at a yard sale.  I had so much fun with them!  Mike and I decided I really need my own bike so we did some shopping.  Since it was my birthday, I took my birthday money (yes, my parents still give me birthday money at my age!) and ran to the store and picked up a bike we found on the internet on sale.  There was exactly one left at the very top of the racks so I grabbed it up.  Took it for a test ride with my girls and it was great!  I think the girls are really excited to have an extra riding buddy and I think it will be great cross training for me in addition to running.  This bike isn't the top of the line or anything but it is a decent mountain bike that I can use in the neighborhood and on trails.  And it is my favorite color!  Cute definitely helps.  The picture below makes it look more like mint green but it is really more aqua blue.  Time to hit the trails!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sew this is Christmas...

Ok, really bad pun but I have been in sewing world for about a week.  I love making special dresses for my girls but don't have a ton of time to do it.  I also love to procrastinate so everything gets done at the last  minute.  Personally, I think I do my best work that way!  Anyway, I am using a great, simple pattern from Carla C at  Her directions are so easy to follow and the outfits are easy to put together.  I am making a simple jumper with ruffle.  Elizabeth's dress is done.  It is a bodice and ruffle of white fabric with tiny red dots.  The skirt is red fabric with tons of cute little Santa's all over. E requested Santa's and red is definitely her color!  I was on such a roll that I didn't measure out the length of the skirt like I was supposed to so she have a very long, flowey.  Luckily, she LOVES it long.  She will wear it tomorrow in the school Christmas program.  Even though it was 70 degrees today, she will wear a plain white shirt under it.

I am now assembling Katherine's dress.  Her dress will have a lime green bodice and ruffle with tiny white dots.  The skirt is white with different sized dots that are red, lime, and kelly green.  I was lucky to find fabric exactly as she described she wanted. I am going to leave the skirt long to match her sister's.  Plus, K said she liked the idea of the long, princess-type dress.

I have made enough dresses to know I hate gathering.  It is too time consuming and a pain.  But, I have daughters and all the cute dresses have gathers or ruffles or both.  Today, I found a gathering foot for my sewing machine for an awesome price (1 cent plus shipping!) so I ordered it.  I won't get it in time for this dress, but will have it for Easter.  So exciting!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Crohn's & Colitis Awareness Week!

Almost 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. For over a year, I had suffered with horrible allergies to everything (food and contact allergies) as well as abdominal cramps and other intestinal issues. No one could figure out what was wrong with me. I lost a ton of weight until I got to 98 pounds at age 15. I was tested for Crohn's Disease but was told I didn't have it. Everything came to a head when I was doubled over in pain one day and couldn't sit or stand up. I went to the doctor again and was immediately admitted to the hospital for more tests. An upper GI showed I had an intestinal blockage. Surgery was required. The surgeon told me that I had Crohn's Disease, and that if he hadn't removed the blockage (and about 6 inches of intestine to include my appendix) I would have ruptured and died. Heavy information to give a teenager. Strangely enough, I was never scared while in the hospital. I was at peace for some reason. Maybe I knew deep down that I had to be there to get fixed.

Thanks to the resection, I was in remission for 7 years. I have been under the care of a physician and on medication of some sort for 12 years. Today, I live a relatively normal life. I have a great doctor who is super concerned for me. I have poor eating habits and most of my flare ups are because of that. I have several, several strictures throughout my intestines but with medication and a modified low residue diet, I can handle them. I will have to deal with Crohn's Disease the rest of my life. I will be worried for the rest of my life that my daughters will suffer from this disease. But maybe with an increase in awareness of this disease, great strides will be made to find a cure.