Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sew this is Christmas...

Ok, really bad pun but I have been in sewing world for about a week.  I love making special dresses for my girls but don't have a ton of time to do it.  I also love to procrastinate so everything gets done at the last  minute.  Personally, I think I do my best work that way!  Anyway, I am using a great, simple pattern from Carla C at  Her directions are so easy to follow and the outfits are easy to put together.  I am making a simple jumper with ruffle.  Elizabeth's dress is done.  It is a bodice and ruffle of white fabric with tiny red dots.  The skirt is red fabric with tons of cute little Santa's all over. E requested Santa's and red is definitely her color!  I was on such a roll that I didn't measure out the length of the skirt like I was supposed to so she have a very long, flowey.  Luckily, she LOVES it long.  She will wear it tomorrow in the school Christmas program.  Even though it was 70 degrees today, she will wear a plain white shirt under it.

I am now assembling Katherine's dress.  Her dress will have a lime green bodice and ruffle with tiny white dots.  The skirt is white with different sized dots that are red, lime, and kelly green.  I was lucky to find fabric exactly as she described she wanted. I am going to leave the skirt long to match her sister's.  Plus, K said she liked the idea of the long, princess-type dress.

I have made enough dresses to know I hate gathering.  It is too time consuming and a pain.  But, I have daughters and all the cute dresses have gathers or ruffles or both.  Today, I found a gathering foot for my sewing machine for an awesome price (1 cent plus shipping!) so I ordered it.  I won't get it in time for this dress, but will have it for Easter.  So exciting!

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