Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

Today was a busy day.  I got to take my daughter for her 5 year check-up and was traumatized when she asked to go home while they gave her 5 shots!  I am pretty tough, except when it comes to my girls.  Then I can be an emotional wreck.  I for the second day in a row, I got to drive my girls to school which was fun.

Also, today, I spent my first real day of planning for their Christmas dresses.  I went to lunch alone, which I really kind of like, and did some calculations about fabric for their dresses.  The plan right now is to make 2 jumpers with a single ruffle, then a simple white shirt if I have time.  I have two options for this dress:  make a solid skirt with coordinating bodice and ruffle, or a striped skirt.  This pattern is one I bought from and I love how easy the directions are.  Perfect for a working mom!  I am not sure what fabric to use yet as I will need some much needed input from the girls.  They are both pretty opinionated!

Tonight, I was pretty excited to see my new Runner's World magazine in the mailbox.  I always renew my subscription in the school magazine sale so I can never remember how many issues I miss between my last issue and the renewal.  This is the reader's issue so I hope to read a lot of articles about regular runners like myself.  Don't get me wrong, I love the advice and personal stories of more elite runners but it is nice to know there might be others out there like me.  Maybe someone who struggles to get out there with a crazy life or people with health issues who persevere and run anyway.  Running is truly for anyone who is willing to try.  I may not be an awesome runner, but running gives me peace, improves my health, and gives me something to strive for.  Here is a pic from the October 1st Montgomery Half Marathon.  My husband and I both participated and thought it was a great event!


  1. Welcome back to the blogging world! I had seen on fb that you guys ran the Montgomery Half. I'm thinking about running it next year. Sorry about her 5 shots! That sounds awful!

  2. great running talk! I'm glad you're blogging again :)